Information Resources:

Assistive Technology Supports for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative - WATI)

Assistive Technology Websites (Texas Assistive Technology Network - TATN)

Conducting the Symphony of Technology in the Classroom - Resource Listings (Dan Herlihy)

How Assistive Technology Helps Children with Autism Communicate and Develop Independent Living Skills (3-parts)

Able Data:
This website provides information about AT products and offers to help locate companies for specific product needs. No direct selling.

Applications (Apps):

Assistive Technology for Children with Autism. Cooperative Educational Service Agency No. 7, Green Bay, WI, Special Education Services.
This article is full of ideas for teachers and parents and includes examples of low‐, mid‐, and high‐tech assistive technology.

Assistive Technology Fundamentals. National Assistive Technology Research Institute:
This is a resource that teachers, families, and administrators can use to develop a plan for using assistive technology.

Closing the Gap: Assistive Technology Resources for Children and Adults with Special Needs:
This site offers information about AT resources, a conference devoted to AT, and AT‐related publications.

What Is Assistive Technology? National Center on Accessible Information Technology in Education. University of Washington:
This article provides a clear, printable definition of AT and a link to the Access Board’s standards for use of assistive technology.

Autism Internet Modules (AIM)
The Autism Internet Modules were developed with one aim in mind: to make comprehensive, up‐to‐date, and usable information on autism accessible and applicable to educators, other professionals, and families who support individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Written by experts from across the U.S., all online modules are free, and are designed to promote understanding of, respect for, and equality of persons with ASD.

Interactive Collaborative Autism Network (iCAN)
iCAN offers free online instructional modules on autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Indiana Resource Center for Autism (IRCA)
The Indiana Resource Center for Autism staff‘s efforts are focused on providing communities, organizations, agencies, and families with the knowledge and skills to support children and adults in typical early intervention, school, community, work, and home settings.

Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism
The Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism in conjunction with the network of Texas Education Service center with a grant from the Texas Education Agency has developed a series of free online courses in autism.
Please check the training page,, for update lists of courses, course numbers and registration information.


VizZle: Interactive web-based program for autism and special education.
From the VizZle website:
VizZle is a state-of-the-art web-based Special Education software for quick
and easy creation and sharing of customized, interactive visual activities. With
a searchable library of over 10,000 images, sound effects and video clips and
the ability to upload personal images, the lessons created with VizZle™ can
be used interactively on a computer or Smartboard or printed out for table top